Hiring People for Free Because You Run a Startup


These days in the sophisticated world, people are competing through building a startup. Tech startups are the fastest growing startup nowadays due to the ease of gaining money through technologies and particularly the internet.

Why people take “making startup” like a dream? Media publishers such as news media now exaggerating the benefit of building a startup. The main benefit that the media says which has stuck in people’s minds is “if you’re a CEO of a startup, then you will be rich”.

In my country, Indonesia, or maybe all over the world now is people always think about starting a startup company even though they only have little ideas, yes, without researching about opportunities, competitors, and many things besides it.

The Problem

We both know that every single startup doesn’t always start with startup capital. For a startup that doesn’t have any capital at all but hard skills, it’s totally okay for you to start one. But keep in mind that not all kinds of ideas can be executed without money.

Tech startup is the kind of startup that people might not have to start with a capital. As long your team adequately has hard skills to start, and you have the prerequisites to build your ideas such as a computer and a decent internet connection, it’s all fine. Literally, you can make anything with only your computer or laptop.

People are often to invite their most reliable colleagues to join their startup, sharing ideas and conceptualizing it together. But sometimes, they want to actualize the idea hastily. And ended up consider hiring people to help them to grow the startup FOR FREE. Yes, without any wage for you to buy a meal, your transportation gas fee, and your hardwork.

Don’t you need money?

Literally money is (almost) everything in this world. You buy daily necessities, clothing, foods with money. You can’t just easily accept that you work for them for free. Oftentimes, their tricks to lure people are the same, giving people the “C” position to people, such as CEO, CTO, CMO, and many more. So people think that will give them such an entitled and profitable position.

Appreciate your skills more

Do you remember how struggle you are and the effort that you give to reach this point where you think you’re adequately skilled? You spent most of your time learning and practicing, and sometimes until you feel tired then you unintentionally sleep on your desk. Everybody has their way or habit to improve one’s skills.

You have to look again at what have you sacrifice while you improving. For instance, I’m a software engineer, I spent my money to buy a computer, internet access, and probably snacks. All of that was essentially needed for me to practicing myself, unquestionably requires money. Therefore, I must get back the money by working so I could pay off what I’ve spent before.

Moreover, if you are a former (or currently) college student. If you calculate the total payment of tuition fee overall that you paid, you won’t get the return of capital from your employment if you work for free. Well, at least, get a decent job that can pay you back for your student loans (if exist) or you might pay back to your parents who sent you to school.

Reasons why you should be hired for free

What? Really? You should be hired without any payment? Of course, for particular reasons. Here are the reasons:

You don’t have any experience.

Join a project is a good place to start if you are seeking for experience. If your team has a good leader, certainly he will guide you to the rightness. It will give you a new perspective about leadership, project management, and how could a project run with a good team as well.

This is a good point to gain new experience. Especially if you’re currently a student, or you’re a college student who searching for an internship, then you should priming the experience on top of money.

Sincerely you want to help.

Your friend needs you to help their startup. But he only needs you not as an employee but a friend, then you should consider helping him. Who knows if in the future you’ll need help, and he’s the only one who would like to help. A good deed will turn back to the person.

You don’t need money (oof)

Imagine that you are the richest man in your area and the most skilled person in the entire galaxy as well. You have a lot of free time that you even don’t know how to spend your time. Then someone seeking for your help, and wants to employ yourself to their company. Thus, it’s okay for you to join their startup. But yes, you have to wake up.


Building a startup it’s not about being rich at a single move, but it’s about how you are gonna make things become true, foremost, making business to the world about what you have made in your startup.