Success and Rich Is Overrated


People are always feel exhausted with money due to the fact that we’re always need money to live. They will always search for more money even they have a lot of it and could use the money to feed their family.

Success, is the most heard positive word that people always try to achieve it. Every people definition of success could be differ from others. Some people (mostly actually) define their success by how media and stigma influences. For instance, being rich and wealthy, has a nice car, nice house, having a steady job, wear a black suit to work, etc.

They are overrated. Success and wealthiness don’t really have a lot of effect on your happiness (if your target is happiness). In fact, we know that there are upper class and middle-lower class by seeing their economy level. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility that people actually can be happy without being rich first.

First, think about your definition of being happy. Is it by having a peaceful life by living with your family in the middle of grassfield near mountain and breath the fresh air? Or by being rich, having a nice car, live in your own real estate and being a CEO in a company? It’s your choice, I don’t have control over it.

I always observe how people doing their things to earn money and trying to fulfill their greediness. Most people that I know, my connections, my colleagues, my highschool friend and even strangers, they will always competing to earn more money, mostly to buy things they desire (although they don’t need it). If they earn money, they will keep some of their money, and use their money to attempt to get more money.

What I always found nowadays (especially in pandemic situation) is investing cryptocurrencies or stocks. What I always hear everyday is disappointment and regret. Fear Of Missing Out is what people always feel in trading. For example, last year Bitcoin price was $20,000 and currently is reaching its peak $80,000. They will always fucking regret that they didn’t buy it earlier. They think they could buy a new house, real estate, or perhaps buy a rocket if they invest in it despite the fact that they are doing nothing to manage it.

This happens literally every time. People feel regret and sorry for not being rich. In contrary, people are also feel regret because they lost their money. They have a big desire to become rich although they have steady job and have fair income.

I once knew people who are does not rich, even he’s only could earn money in one day for living his family in that day. They feel happy, truly. I asked them how they could be in that emotional state even they can’t even spend their money for entertainment that most people have. Why? Because they don’t give a fuck about dignity and how people think about him whether he’s rich or not.

We tend to give a fuck about how people think about us even though we have no clue whether those people have bad or good thoughts. What people thinks forms a stigma how are people supposed to be. Being success, rich, and extraordinary. We’re judged by people even we don’t do anything. But, we’re also judged when we do something awesome. Judgemental society made our insecurities insane.

There are a lot of reason that cause us wanted to be rich. The bad one and the most important is your insecurities. Don’t let society construct your mind, you have your own thinking. In the other hand, there are a lot of good reason why you should be rich but most people I met don’t really care about is: to help orphans, charity, volunteering in public movement, and the most importantly, help people by your wealthiness.

For me personally, I don’t really mind if I don’t have much money. I don’t concern about what people think about me. As if I can eat, consume water for that day, study to get more knowledge and help people, that’s enough. Lower your expectations and you’ll never get disappointed. Gratitude is the key to happiness and overcome your insecurities.

How about you? Write down in the comment below.