When People Are Judged by Their Age


People often see age as an accomplishment for a successful life. When young people do something that most older people couldn’t do, there will be two possibilities will happen to the older people.

The first one is: they are inclined to give an appraisal and pleasant feeling, perhaps because they think that the younger people can do that, then it may help them for doing something. But the problem is they often compare themself to the younger people who do better.

For example, there is a 9-years-old boy who had coding mastery that could beat a senior programmer who has many years of experience. People who are close to the boy will praise him as well, but not to the public. Even the worse are in social media. You could find various reactions in the comment section.

Oftentimes you will found these kinds of comments.

"Congratulations! I wish I had a big accomplishment like you when I was a child."

This is a positive comment with a comparison. Compare person to another person is bad. If you are comparing yourself like this, you just unintentionally show to the public that you are bit jealous when writing the comment.

Second one is: the people who are obviously “jealous” by writing hateful comment as if they not deserve that. Ironically if the comments are likely to be true (which is based on probability) and even that’s not true, people are tend to follow and share negative thoughts to the other. For example:

"Lucky kid, I know you're born from a wealthy family so they can afford you a private course and made you reach that talent. But me? I was born from nowhere and I'm poor. I know right if you have a life like me you can't be like what you are right now"

This is a kind of person who are foolish and have a negative thinking most of the time. You can obviously notice this kind of people just by look at the way they type, the words they used. If you meet the people directly, you could see their face are often slightly frowning (in effect of their brain response to the emotion).

So, which is the better response?

The best way to give a comment is you should give a positive comment along with a suggestion so they can be better.